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La Habra dentists preserve teeth and options with root canals

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Few dental procedures get a worse rap than root canal therapy. In truth, this beneficial procedure can save a badly compromised tooth or preserve options for future tooth replacement. In the gentle care of Dr. Mario Castellanos, Jr. and Dr. Josue Robles at Summit Dental in La Habra, root canals are nothing to fear.

Why get a root canal?

A tooth may have hidden decay under a filling, a cavity left untreated because it initially causes no pain, a fracture, or breakage. That allows bacteria to reach pulp at the center of the tooth. Infection develops, pressure builds, and nerves become inflamed. You may wake with acute pain and a swollen face, or experience intermittent toothaches.

Root canal therapy alleviates and removes the source of pain (avoiding need for extraction), and fortifies the tooth. By maintaining natural tooth structure, jawbone is preserved. This can allow a more predictable dental implant in the future, should you choose to have the tooth replaced.

Understanding the procedure

Root canal therapy takes place in three steps:

  • Diagnosis – Examination and x-rays pinpoint the problem. Antibiotics to fight infection and medications to relieve pain may also be prescribed.
  • Treatment – The procedure may immediately follow diagnosis, or take place after the course of antibiotics. From the patient’s perspective, treatment feels about like getting a filling. However, Dr. Castellanos is certified in sedation dentistry, a soothing option if you are nervous about getting a root canal. After the mouth is thoroughly numbed, the tooth is opened, relieving painful pressure. Areas of damage are removed. The pulp chamber and root canals are cleaned and sanitized. The tooth is sealed and protected with an interim crown.
  • Restoration – Root canal therapy may cause the tooth to become brittle, since there is no longer blood flow. A crown restoration is necessary to strengthen the tooth and prevent further damage.

Call the dentists La Habra trusts for gentle root canals – Summit Dental (562) 694-3984.

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