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Laser dentistry: Gentle, precise treatment in La Habra

Laser Dentistry

Lasers have become part of our way of life, from music CDs to grocery store barcode scanners. Laser technology is also improving dentistry, and it is available at Summit Dental in La Habra, CA.

About soft tissue lasers

This type of laser uses a single wavelength of light in a specific spectrum. Focused light energy is readily absorbed by the water and hemoglobin in oral soft tissues, without harm to teeth, bones, or organs.

Soft tissue laser therapies are a gentle alternative to more invasive techniques. Laser dentistry is virtually pain-free, so in many cases numbing is not necessary. There is minimal bleeding. Tissues heal faster, with reduced swelling and less risk of infection.

Soft tissue laser procedures

Patients of Summit Dental benefit from Dr. Josue Robles’ advanced training and experience in laser dentistry in procedures such as:

  • Periodontal treatment – Conventional treatment for gum disease involves excising (cutting away) diseased tissue, chemically sterilizing pockets, and suturing tissue back in place. Dr. Robles uses the soft tissue laser to gently vaporize necrotic tissue and reduce the population of damaging pathogens that infect gums.
  • Mouth ulcers and canker sores – This process is called bio stimulation, an anti-inflammatory form of wound healing. You feel immediate relief from mouth pain and the ulcer heals quickly – sometimes overnight.
  • Dental sealants – Dental sealant, a clear liquid applied to molars, reduces risk of cavities up to 60 percent. Pre-treatment with a dental laser sterilizes pits and grooves in enamel. Sealant forms a better bond, and risk of contamination from bacteria trapped under sealant is eliminated.
  • Preventing tooth decay – Laser treatment creates a less porous surface and boosts natural remineralization of enamel to resist cavities.
  • Cosmetic enhancement – Dr. Robles recontours gingiva to balance the visual proportion of tooth to gum tissue, improving the look of a gummy smile.

You deserve the benefits of laser dentistry! Call (562) 694-3984 to book an appointment at our La Habra office.

Very friendly and

| Dr. Castellanos was wonderful. Very friendly and professional. Was very patient with all my questions and answered them in a way I could understand. Great personality! I can say the same for his staff. I felt very comfortable there.
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